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Here at Castle Editorial, we like to think of ourselves as a "polishing house." Before you send your manuscripts off to the big publishing house (or your design/package label/article, etc. off to the presses), we give your project a close eye and a little elbow grease to make it shine.

The editors in the Castle have all worked behind the scenes in a publishing house. Trust us when we say you need someone other than your adoring mother to care for your baby before you send it out into the real world! We know you've worked hard. We also know rejections are hard. Give us a chance to give you a better idea how ready your project is for the presses and watch your confidence skyrocket.
Recent testimonials:
10/29/2013 14:14:29 I've worked with other editors on this piece before (both in an official capacity and friends who gave it a look-over), and this is by far the best feedback I've received. My Castle editors made an obvious effort to understand the ideas in my piece and all of their comments were aimed at helping my potential readers get past the "clunkiness" of my language and straight to the ideas, while also making the journey more colorful and interesting. Other professional editors wanted to scrap a lot of my ideas and force the story to fit into their paradigm; I'm grateful that this wasn't the case with Castle Editorial.—D. Purcell
2/17/2014 21:07:33 They were very attentive to detail, and constructive in illuminating the problems with my manuscript. Exactly what I needed. I've shopped around, and the rate was competitive without affecting the quality of the service. There was an especial advantage in getting feedback from a pair of editors, as one would imagine.—Graham Bradley
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